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A Bloody Good Bloke

Yesterday I received this email.  I am not a Mum (or a Mom, for us American types), I didn’t help out with any flowers for the funeral. I apologize for that.  Pretty sure it’s not for me… sounds good though.






Mon, Sep 14, 2009 at 4:35 AM



Hi Mum

Thanks for helping out with the flowers and representing the family at the funeral. >Elana is slowly coming around but is still very upset especially because Peter was always very good with Elana, he was a bloody good bloke.

Dad said that there were a lot of people at the funeral which I am not suprised, Peter was a popular man with everyone.

Greece was fantastic, especially Santorini, islands unbelievable and good food, not too expensive. The accomodation was perfect with million dollar views. >You will see on our video etc…

Salerno is very historic with the houses and views, we are living in Cava looking back onto the mountains and campagnia. Lots of relatives here and everyone has been nice to us and again tonight we are having dinner with other relatives of Connie. Yesterday we visited Luigi’s home town S’Degla in Salerno. We have visited alot of the Amalfi Coast, very beautiful and amazing. The cost of living here is very high, generally more expensive than Greece but overall a great experience.

We leave tomorrow for Rome and we will meet up with Camillo for one day then after 3 days we meet up with Johnny. More to see, more to spend but so far so good.

We have tasted the Uva fragola, just ike what Gildo had at his house…..but more uva awaits us!

Give a kiss to Zia Bruna for us and again, thank you for helping out with Zacs family, we all thank you

Ciao for now

Marco, Connie, Elana and Bianca


PS; The Napolitano dialect is all Greek to me!!