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How Do You Define Rich?

Many people define wealth in absolute numbers, or perhaps relative to wealthy people they know, or in terms of objects that they believe wealthy people would own, or in terms of the perceived lifestyle of the wealthy.

My definition of wealthy is this, which I attribute to not having met any wealthy people at the age when I formulated this idea.

It's A Duck World

Scrooge McDuck

What’s your definition of “rolling in dough?”


Be Famous, Have Beard

When I was young, I sometimes watched a children’s television show called “Shining Time Station.” There was a character called Mr. Conductor who would talk with the kids on the show and narrate stories about Thomas the Tank Engine (and Friends).

In the earlier seasons, Mr. Conductor was played by Ringo Starr, and was later replaced with George Carlin – two men who really don’t seem to have much in common.

Which makes me wonder what the casting criteria were for the character.

1. Be Famous.

2. Have Beard.