My Business is the Business of Businesses

After responding to an e-vite today, I got a pop-up offering me 250 free business cards or alternative cards.

The first alternative card is a registration card, which I believe you would use in the case of a baby or wedding shower to inform guests where they can buy you the presents you actually want instead of them going ahead with their own ideas and buying you some $100 salt and pepper shakers. So, as a person who had a registry, sure, I approve .

The second alternative card was, um, less straightforward.

Stand-up guy?


So I guess that the situation is that you go on a lot of dates, and if you really like your date you give them your info so they can tweet you later about future dates?  Or maybe they will sext you, but my point is that I get it, I guess.

The third one I felt like was pretty much the weirdest.

My identity revolves around having given birth

Oh god

Maybe this is a feminist thing, or maybe it’s because I’m not a mother, but even if I was a stay-at-home mom with no job (and therefore no reason to already have business cards) I wouldn’t extoll my ability to wipe snotty noses and read bedtime stories as a core part of my persona. As if your main accomplishment is childbirth, and you would like to commemorate your skills with a card detailing your contact info after the names of your offspring. To provide to other moms when you need to carpool, or if they want your ants on a log recipe.

What happened to carrying around a pen and using a receipt?


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