I am a worker!

My former roommate used to work for a hedge fund, and specialized in maritime investments. He writes:

There’s this Chinese shipyard that I’ve spent quite a bit of time evaluating as an investment opportunity… [T]he yard is in China and all the people who work there speak Chinese, so the website only has limited English on it. Under the heading of “Company News”, there was a link for an item entitled “I am a worker!”. I clicked on it, but it was in Chinese. I put it in google translator, and it’s a bit rough…

I am a new company Yangtze Painting Workshop, a machine operator, Narita and machinery to deal! Our job is to:-Sub into the sand, boot-sand, or sand, dust, desiccant, with the exception of Qi Wu, 24 hours a day, never intermittent, so every day. No holidays, the work boring, difficult environment, the ear is full of rumbling sound of the machine. I does not matter! I am a worker! This is work! Some people have to do any work. With the passage of time, slowly, I work as a fun, noisy machines sound as if into a singing. Whenever we sweating all over, watching rusting sub become an entirely new look, from the sand washing out, especially when the ship to dock vessels voyage, it is aBukemingzhuang feeling filled up the atrium, a long time, a long time , I had this for a taste: sweet, are Shuang Shuang’s. Dirty, hard, tired, nothing! We only hope that the rumbling sound of the new machines will perform more beautiful Yangtze music; a new shipyard in the near future, will stand firm in the world shipbuilding of the forest.

I can see why the Chinese economy is booming so much. The worker works hard 24 hours a day with no holidays, sweaty and tired, yet to him it is a joy because he is a worker, and the industrial machinery makes beautiful music.

US, we had better watch out.  As one of my favorite podcasts instructs, right time for right action is now.


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