DMV, NC Style



No Riders

Allow me to entertain you with the following facts

  1. This DMV is INSIDE the mall.  Not a strip mall, no external entrance. This DMV is across from a jeweler and a Lens Crafters, so slightly more legit than if it was next to a calzone stand, but only slightly.
  2. This was the ultimate stop after a very long and annoying process dealing with the California DMV, which I won’t delve into now but as you can imagine there was a lot of swearing and frustration.  I didn’t exactly watch my tongue either.
  3. I waited in a short line for an incredibly long amount of time behind a family that can only be described as white trash.  Here are my reasons:  the dad was wearing cut off jean shorts with white tube socks and sandals, the mom had stringy bleach blonde hair, too much make-up, and acne caused by too much make-up, and their children, faces covered in chocolate ice cream smudges, were hanging from the chain rope divider, knocking it over and then running away while the parents argued with the counter agent.
  4. When I got to the front, and waited for my car to be registered as an NC vehicle, I spent a fair amount of time staring at this display of vanity plates the DMV sells.  You’re only required to have a rear license plate, so the front can send any variety of conservative, southern, and shallow messages.



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