How'ja like this postcard?

I bought a vintage train case for a friend. When she received it, it was full of an assortment of items, including:

  • packet of 50 cartoony vintage postcards (mostly jokes about fishing/wives/girls, see above)
  • box of “Turned On Iron-Ons with bubble gum” (“I’m his because he deserves the finest”, “Goin’ my way?”, “ZAP!”)
  • plastic skeleton
  • plastic bag of 10 assorted mah-jong tiles
  • an old, partially used “nail white” pencil by Cutex
  • a plastic flocked  fox with a weird cylinder shape built into his head (I suspect he once had a hat glued on)


Missing skin, missing hat


It’s like a child’s treasure trove… I have no idea what to make of it except that it was some sort of bizarre mistake. In the meanwhile, I profusely apologize for the fishing postcards.  Thanks to The Peet (and happy birthday again)


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