All Fun And Games Until Someone Loses An Eyebrow

In the spirit of Mars’s recent Teen Hair Removal post, here is a list of risky teen activities that could cause you (or someone you love) to lose an eyebrow.

1. Drinking. You get drunk, pass out, and next thing you know someone has shaved off your eyebrow.

2. Drugs. Especially hallucinogens. You might spontaneously rip your eyebrow off your face, thinking it is a death caterpillar.

3. Unprotected sex. Syphilis makes your eyebrows fall out.

4. Being a douchebag. This is the most common cause of teenage eyebrow loss. If you are a douchebag, you might think you would look interesting with your eyebrows completely shaved off. You might think you will look like a horror movie villain, or other type of cool guy. You won’t. Always be on guard against this.

Forewarned is forearmed.


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