Why I Love President Taft

  1. Only former president to serve on the Supreme Court
  2. Mustache
  3. First and last president to allow his personal cows to graze the White House lawn
  4. Trust-busting
  5. Our largest president, 6’2 and over 300 pounds
  6. Once was stuck in the White House bathtub (subsequently ordered an oversized version)
  7. Nicknames of “Big Lub” and “Old Bill”
  8. Converted White House stables into four car garage
  9. Skull and Bones membership
  10. Illicit affair with Mrs. Burns

Why I Don’t Love President Taft

I am not in favor of suffrage for women until I can be convinced that all the women desire it; and when they desire it I am in favor of giving it.

Nov. 2, 1909



  1. Andy

    The story of President Taft warms my goddamn heart. He hated being President so much that he got fat. And then he became a great Supreme Court justice and got skinny again.

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