It becomes you

I saw an internet ad today that caught my eye
so becoming

I didn’t know I could do these things!

I moused over it to discover that little helpful visual aids pop up alongside the relevant occupation.
(that is a camera next to the Investigator)

I found these images even more fascinating than the original ad. I thought that there were some interesting choices.

For example, a plant on a chair for the shrink

a microsoft butterfly look-alike for the Designer


checks cheques for the Accountant
account for this!

and a badge for the Bounty Hunter
(who, come to think of it, is wearing a power suit)

I refreshed the page, and this is the alternate ad that pops up
They wiggle when you mouse over – way less cool.

This was an advertisement on this site. How many people fall into the “cat-video-watching, degree-needing, potential-Project-Manager” demographic?


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