Logistical Nightmare, part 1

Moving across the country, by yourself, can prove difficult. Arriving in an unfamiliar city with no belongings can be trying. Filling your house with all the necessities, without a car, can be complicated. One might assume having items delivered is the answer. I can assure you that there is no answer. Here’s an account of ordering and delivery woes.

August 21: Order furniture from Ikea online (transaction A)

August 22: Ikea representative calls, informs me that I must order additional parts for the bed. I agree (transaction B)

August 27: I call Ikea to order 3 additional items (transaction C). Wait is approximately 30-45 minutes to speak to a representative. Since I have already waited this long, I check on the status of my order from the previous day. Additional parts have not been added to the order, says the representative. Again, I order the additional parts (transaction D).

August 29: I check my credit card statement. I have been charged by Ikea several times: once for the original order (A), once for the additional parts (B), once for the second order (C), and then, one more time, for the entirety of transaction A and B put together (A + B=D).

August 29 (evening): I call Ikea to straighten out the orders and charges. Approximate wait time to speak with a representative: 45 minutes. They cancel transaction A and B and I am supposed to receive D “soon.”

September 1: Landlord offers me a perfectly good dresser. I accept.

September 1 (evening): I call Ikea to ask them not to deliver the dresser I had ordered as part of transaction D. Approximate wait time to speak to a representative: 40 minutes. Ikea tells me representative will call me back.

September 4: Order C arrives. However, instead of receiving 3 items – I receive 6 – 2 of each item I ordered.

September 4 (evening): I call Ikea. Approximate wait time: 30 minutes. I finally speak with a representative about the delivery. I was not charged for the doubles, we determine. Will Ikea come and pick them up? Not unless I really want them to, says the representative. Otherwise I can keep them – more expensive for Ikea to come and get them than to simply let me have them.

September 6: Order D arrives, including dresser I attempted to cancel. At this point, I can’t bear the thought of being on hold any longer. I decide to cut my losses and sell it on my own, along with the other doubles.

September 6 (evening): Refund for transaction A and B appear on my statement.

September 7: Via craigslist, I sell the extra TV unit.

September 8: (pending) I sell the extra coffee table. Still waiting to sell the extra dresser and extra bedside table.

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