Morning After

After an evening of unforgettable partying, you drunkenly stumble to bed after the last guests leave. In the morning, you awake to your living room in a certain condition. This is the thought process that follows

  • I feel queasy. Was it the taquitos or the tequila?
  • Maybe I’m hungry and should eat something. Chocolate cake, or tortilla chips?
  • No, the queasiness is related to food odors. Maybe it’s the salsa
  • I left the salsa out all night. Whoops
  • I need a sip of this water.
  • Oh God, that’s not water… it’s vodka
  • I just spat old vodka all over my pajamas
  • This is exhausting. I need a break. I’m just going to lay down on this couch, and watch some TV
  • Ooh, Saved by the Bell rerun!
  • I am going to shut the blinds, so my neighbors don’t judge me

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