Party Time

With the advent of warm weather and longer days, Seasonal Affective Disorder subsides and party season begins. Thinking of throwing your own bash? Steer clear of these themes.

  1. Nuns with Guns
    Combining conservative dress and values makes for a dreary party… until violence erupts.
  2. The Mewling 30s
    Celebrating a decade of prohibition and economic depression.
  3. Gangsta’s Paradise
    Guests may confuse theme with ‘Amish Paradise’ or ‘Pastime Paradise’
  4. Cruise Ship Epidemic
    A guessing game about food poisoning seems fun initially, but vomit stains
  5. Severed Ears
    Limited costume selection: Van Gogh or Blair Witch Project
  6. Garden Funeral
    Guests bring deceased companions, tokens of ex-lovers to bury, grieve in one fell swoop.
  7. Bills, Bills, Bills
    Inviting a bunch of men named William, Destiny’s Child may seem like fun, but is only a good idea if you are a William or Beyonce
  8. Seis de Mayo
    Hungover friends gather to wear ice masks, swallow Advil with Sprite, debate calling number written on arm.
  9. Sun, Sand and Seniors
    Potential confusion between Coeds on Spring Break and Florida retirement community
  10. Soup
    Not a theme, no matter how hard you try.

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