The Undergraduate

MarsIAm assists Student; DeanX finds out HousingSupY has decided to leave our region of campus.


MarsIAm: Hello

STUDENT: I talked to Fed Ex and they said they could pick up my package here (holds up box).

MarsIAm: Are they picking it up today?

STUDENT: Yeah, they said they could pick it up at this office.

MarsIAm: Okay, that’s fine.

DeanX: [eyeing box] Are you going to seal that box?

STUDENT: I don’t have any tape, so I just folded it shut.

MarsIAm: I have tape you can use.

STUDENT: It says fragile on it, so I think it it’s fine.

MarsIAm: [finds tape] Here, why don’t you use my tape?

STUDENT: Thanks.

DeanX: [to MarsIAm] So, HousingSupY is leaving. What’s up with that?

MarsIAm: Well, I think she didn’t get along with [regional manager] and [associate] very well… I got the sense that neither of them liked her. Also, I think she switched because undergraduates are hard.

DeanX: Yeah…

MarsIAm: At the new place, she is mostly going to be dealing with visiting faculty. They just have it a lot more together.

STUDENT: [indignant] Hey, we’re not that bad.

MarsIAm: Well, there’s a wide range. There are students who have never taken care of themselves a day in their life before college, and there are students who know what they’re doing. Not ALL undergraduates are hard, but the ones who we end up dealing with often are.

MarsIAm thinks: WTF, kid?? You don’t even have any fucking tape!!!


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