It’s not often I get an email from my bowels regarding illegal substances. It seems that today is my lucky day.

from Colon
to marsiam
date Apr 11, 2007 2:44 AM
subject [SPAM:####] cocaine

It is from my colon. Here’s how I know:

    Colon is capitalized, suggesting familiarity
    It was sent in the middle of the night – my colon can’t tell time


I’m a bit disappointed by my position – I thought I’d be higher. And I don’t mean just a little better than the rest I mean their the only bits.

Colon addresses me as “northerner” – the person who occupies the upper half of the body.
Colon: Not everyone can be at the top.

Colon also apparently has had some trouble with the Canadian Postal Service:

This year Canada Post has permanent stamps.
I’ve given up on an out of date tamps beacause it’s so time consuming to stand in line at the Post Office to get 1c stamps.

Well, it can only go downhill from here.


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