My Stupid

I was surprised to see this in my inbox.

“yourstupid. com” 2:13 pm (2 hours ago)reply-to: stupid@yourstupid.comto: MarsIAmdate: Mar 7, 2007 2:13 PMsubject : Someone wants to let you know you’ve been stupid!Dear maryam [lastname],We heard you did something stupid. We are sending you this email to tell you to stop it. We think it might be very hard for you to cut back on your stupidity, but we’ll be here every time you do something stupid. We think that through repetition we can help you overcome your stupidity and become more comfortable being a normal person that uses common sense from time to time.Now we know that you are not the only one who does something stupid from time to time. We encourage you to help us in our efforts to discourage stupidity by going to and sending an anonymous message to anyone you know that does anything stupid, however slight. Only through honest, anonymous disclosure can we move toward a more perfect union!Thanks idiot,www.yourstupid.comP.S. We’re counting how many times you do something stupid.

That stupid was clearly yours, not mine. My name isn’t maryam. So mail yourstupid accusations to someone else, and leave me out of it.

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