Play Date

Dear Readers,

With spring fever just around the corner (given the groundhog’s unusual forecast), I thought I’d revisit an important topic: dating, sexiness, and what NOT to do. Ever considered bringing a little role-play into your romance? The following propositions are not recommended.

  1. You be the doctor, I’ll be the pirate.
  2. You be the housewife, I’ll be the casserole.
  3. You be the cop, I’ll be the traffic.
  4. You be the eagle, I’ll be the serpent.
  5. You be the door-to-door salesman, I’ll be the volcano insurance.
  6. You be the football player, I’ll be the AV Club President.
  7. You be the bird, I’ll be the hippo.
  8. You be the teacher, I’ll be the prostitute.
  9. You be the bag man, I’ll be the bus driver.
  10. You be the moose, I’ll be the hunter.


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