ie straw

Luk, a dear friend I had forgotten about, thought it might be nice to follow up with me about a conversation we had, subject regarding a device which allows you to drink from a glass without moving it, ie straw. He also was excited to share some other news with me.

Knight returns maus jaime gilbert.

Clearly this Knight is illiterate, but I am so glad he was able to return Jaime Gilbert, my beloved mouse.

Seriously dated streak satire bombastic editorial columns! Incomplete theme, fallings publishers matters principle… Cut upon its release.

I personally don’t think of Shaggy as a satirical columnist. I do agree that publishers have principles, and incomplete themes go against their ethos. This is probably why they were forced to print a retraction.

Novelin submitted proposal miniseries twilight!

Luckily, his book deal has not been cancelled. Good luck, Shaggy, Mr. Bombasic will make an excellent miniseries.

Luk: maybe you should add a little more structure to your email. On top oh which, no where do you mention the straw.

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