Leading Dreams to Reality

I had a strange dream last night, in which I was a student again. I was speaking to my boss about my role as a Residence Assistant; he was giving me positive feedback, but also giving me advice about my leadership skills, and how to become a better Residence Assistant.

Today, I received an email from CC. I have emailed back and forth with CC about housing issues, so I expected it was some sort of follow up, irrelevant title aside.

Not so.

reply-to: CC@xxxxxxxx.edu
to: MarsIAm
W ,
date: Feb 21, 2007 4:05 PM
subject : Outline of presentation

Please send your slides to [MarsIAm] by this Sunday!

Ice breaker:
How many of you have used a counselor in a school setting?
What kind of counselor? Do you think it was helpful?

[MarsIAm]: intro – how to become a counselor (1-2 min)
K: guidance counseling (4 min)
M: traumatic school events (4)
[Marsiam]: role of high school counselor (4)
C: college application counseling (4)
W: career counseling (4)
Conclusion side: 3 take-away points

questions to address in each section: who? what’s the role? conclusion?


Should I respond? I did.

Hi Everyone,

Don’t send them to me – send them to the other [MarsIAm]. I’m the Student Affairs Specialist at XXX, and I will not be playing the role of the high school counselor.


As for my subconscious – leave the work to the conscious mind, please, and stop getting weird emails.

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