Voice of Reason

MarsIAm loses her cool; Mr. MarsIAm patiently listens.
“[THEY] told me they don’t have my personal statement, my GRE scores, or my letters of recommendation.”
“I checked my papers and my emails, and they definitely should have received them all.”
You should write to them and tell them that.
“I mean, I am at the mercy of the postal system. Every other reputable program has an online application system. But no, not [THEM]. They believe in the power of paper.”
That is ridiculous.
“All of my recommenders wrote to me and told me they sent their letters, and all specifically mentioned mailing their letters to [THEM]. ETS – not a screw up. I got the confirmation dated January third. I sent my statement via Fed Ex – the most reputable shipper in the world.”
Yeah, Fed Ex.
“I. can’t. take. this. anymore. You know what? I’m exhausted with this bullshit.”
I know.
“Did you know when I applied to Stanford they lost my letters too? Do you think this some sort of a cosmic joke?”
“I think there is someone out there, pushing me a little further every day, push push push right over the edge until I finally fucking lose it and start killing people.”
Everyone feels that way sometimes.
“Maybe so, but don’t you think I am more fucked than all of our friends?”
I don’t really..
“I win!”

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