A Hat

It may surprise you to discover that I am not quite the heartless, cynical lunatic that you anticipated. As my interest in knitting has rapidly increased since this summer, I have been knitting presents left and right. I often see the janitor for my building/area outside in the cold. Even when he rides in the golf cart, it is largely open air and not very covered. [Cut to flashback]

Janitor: [Person who works next to me] said you wanted to see me. What happened?
MarsIAm: Oh… nothing bad happened. I got into knitting recently and I made you a hat.
Janitor: (genuinely surprised) Thank you! You know, another janitor has a hat like this (sniffs hat) and I told him, ‘When that hat has babies I want one!’ This is wonderful, thank you.
MarsIAm: I’m glad you like it.
Janitor: (sniffs hat again) Thank you! (Exit)
[end flashback]

I can attribute the ‘hat having babies’ comment to maybe the fact that I didn’t hear him properly, or that he has an accent and I misunderstood. However, you can’t chalk up the hat sniffing to anything other than being a tad bit strange.

I mean, really, are hats scented? The yarn wasn’t particularly fragrant in a good or bad way. It was kept in a grocery bag with some chocolates for a couple of days, but how would he have known that?

Maybe his sense of smell is very acute. Maybe he could smell the chocolate. Or the sheep. Or the meadow where the sheep grew up.

You just never know.

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