Apparently, I sent out an email entitled WARNING, in all caps like that, to Lanny Holder. He felt obligated to reply to my warning, and to clarify.

A submarine about some chess board is statesmanlike. For example, the judge indicates that a lover defined by a tripod ignores the muddy reactor.

I see, I see. I thought that it was the lover that is statesmanlike. How foolish.

When an ocean behind a tape recorder is fashionable, a reactor learns a hard lesson from a muddy stovepipe.

It becomes clear that I have been overly concerned about muddy things, especially reactors. I should be focusing more on what is fashionable; namely, an ocean behind a tape recorder.

Oh, what a variety of strange and poisonous flowers grew beside Annies version of that quaint old path!

Here must be why I sent the WARNING in the first place – the poisonous flowers. What I had forgotten to mention is to avoid the quaint old path!

Thanks, Lanny.

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