It’s A Bird, It’s A Plane, It’s Supervisor

I’m sure that the MarsIAm reader(s) will be pleased to hear that I passed the Supervisor Compliance Program (Prevention of Harassment – Discrimination – Retaliation) in just 2.5 hours.

As I have hiring power of students, I am required to take this class and pass this test – even though the test is impossible to fail. If you answer wrong they merely suggest that you Try Again. We really hold our supervisors to rigid standards.

MarsIAm: [to interviewee] Larry, I am not going to hire you because you’re of a different race than I am. I’ll tell you what though – you give me a full body massage, and the job is yours. If you tell anyone, I will make you work in the basement with the dead cockroaches.
COMPUTER VOICE: Sorry, MarsIAm, Try Again.
MarsIAm: Whoops, I mean… welcome aboard!

So now I am welcome to delegate at will. I’ve hired some lovely individuals – lovely personalities, is what I mean, although I think one could say they are physically lovely too, but I can’t make such ascertations or the computer will ask me to Try Again.

Let’s just say I’m a far cry from some people.

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