Thanks, National Geographic

150 year of Neandertal history, and National Geographic publishes bullshit like this:

NG Neander Goof 1

Excuse me, Elizabeth, but I regret to inform you that as hair does not preserve in the archaeological record for over 150,000 years, you essentially have no basis to use this particular adjective. Do you mean that Neandertals are hairy, much like all mammals today have hair? Bats have hair. Even whales have hair. Let’s call them hairy. It makes the world seem so much more primitive and mysterious and fascinating.Now I appreciate an exciting article as much as the next person. This is why I have produced the following list. It is but a modest proposal for a few groundbreaking headlines that will place National Geographic back on the map as leaders of the scientific community.

  1. Mars Believed To Host Green Men Of Below Average Stature
  2. Women Deemed Unfit For Physically Demanding Task Of Voting
  3. Scientists Say Children Learn Traits From Parents, “From Career Skills To Eye Color”
  4. Equator Determines Flow Of Water Down The Drain
  5. Study Suggests Smoking Leads To Increased Sex Appeal, Glamorous Lifestyle
  6. New Bleeding And Leeching Techniques Aim To Heal Broken Bones, Dementia
  7. Cannibalism Today: Savages Of Trobian Islands Grunt And Gesture To The Effect That Neighboring Tribe Kills, Eats Own Kind
  8. Troubled? Recovered Memory Of Early Womb Trauma May Explain Later Failure In Life
  9. Rumors Of Enormous, Large Ape-Like Sasquatches Of African Jungle Unfounded
  10. Leading Cocaine Addict Finds Women “Hysterical”
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