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As you may or may not know, I have moved to a full time position on the other side of campus. As a result, I deal with about eight hundred residents, in dorms, self-op houses, and suites.

The suites have a common area as well as 3-8 private bedrooms. Each bedroom is keyed separately, so every occupant can lock the door to their own room.

During move in, roommates often make last minute changes as to who is living in which suite. Housing must track who lives where for safety purposes.

One of the suites has a single vacancy in room D (suites lettered A-F). Here is an exchange I have had with the residents, regarding which suites they are in and whether they have the right keys.

From: MarsIAm Mailed-By: gmail.com
To: resident1, resident2, resident3, resident4, resident5
Date: Oct 16, 2006 8:45 AM
Subject: Key to Suite D


I need to know if one of you has the key to room D. My information shows that it was issued originally to resident 4, but with the rearranging it may have landed in anybody’s hands.

Please respond as soon as possible – let me know whether you have the key, or you know who does.

Thanks everyone,

I got the following response

From: resident4
To: MarsIAm
Date: Oct 16, 2006 9:09 AM
Subject: Re: Key to Suite D

All I know is that my key doesn’t open up my door. I live in E. I could be D.

After no other responses for several days, I send the following

From: MarsIAm Mailed-By: gmail.com
To: resident1, resident2, resident3, resident4, resident5
Date: Oct 20, 2006 10:36 AM
Subject: Re: Key to Suite D

Hello Suite ###,

There has been some confusion over the suite keys. Please email and confirm which suite you are living in, and if your key opens that suite.

If you have a key but it does not open your door, please come by my office ASAP and we can try to determine which key you have and which key you need.

Failure to respond will result in a re-key of the entire suite at your expense.

Thank you,


From: resident4
To: MarsIAm
Cc: resident1, resident2, resident3, resident5

Dear MarsIAm,

As I responded, I have a key that doesn’t open the room I live in (which is
F). You asked what letter it has on it, and it has a K–whatever secret
room that opens I have no idea.

I’ll swing by later today.


Followed by

i live in room b and i have the key that goes to it

And then

resident2 has the key to B, and resident3 probably has the key to A. I don’t think I have the key to my room (C), but as the only way to find out would be to
risk locking myself out it hasn’t seemed like a good idea to test it. I’ll try to come by soon.

resident5 is in Nicaragua for a class project; no idea what key he has.


To which I respond

Hi resident1

An easy way to test it is to prop open the door (put something in the way just in case it blows shut). Lock the knob and check to see if the key will turn. If it works, great. If not, let me know.

And finally, resident 1 sends

Wow, I am awfully stupid sometimes. Turns out I do have the key to room C : P

FYI: I believe that resident4 has the key to D, and lives in F. I have the key to F. He really needs to come by. But at 4:45, it’s not looking good. Sorry, resident4, not a winner.

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