I’m Sinking

Without further ado, I bring you excerpts from real live email based on dormitory living.
Once more, with feeling…

Problem: This is a suggestion. This room and one other room are the only rooms in the dorm without a sink. Why is that? Having lived in this room for the second year, one thing that has come to my attention as a major concern is health. There are times every weekend when the only sick accessible to residents of these two rooms are filled with student vomit who have dranked too much. And because this is the weekend, maintanance does not come until monday and for two days, we are forced to used this vomit infested sink or go without one for the time being. Please consider this condition and respond at your convenience as to why this situation cannot be remedy. Thank you for your time.

The grammar isn’t perfect, but the emotion is real.
Thank you again for joining us. Goodnight, everyone.

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