:) ?

I received the following email yesterday.

From: XXXXX Mailed-By: gmail.com
To: xxx.xxx@gmail.com, xxxx.xxxx@gmail.com, xxx@umich.edu, [MarsIAm]
Date: Aug 31, 2006 6:30 AM
Subject: : )

i don’t usually share this sort of info broadly in this way, but…

we got confirmation this morning that i am not with child.

thanks for putting up with my mild psychosis in the meantime.

MPH Candidate
UMich School of Public Health
Health Behavior Health Education


I replied a quick line

I think you meant to send this to someone else

To which I received this response

From: XXXXX Mailed-By: gmail.com
To: [MarsIAm]
Date: Sep 1, 2006 6:56 AM
Subject: Re: : )

nope, actually, this was the end of the pregnancy scare that started in grand rapids. thank goodness.

how is everything in chicago/iowa?

As I do not live in Grand Rapids or Chicago, I reply

Hi again,

I live in California… I think you meant to send this to another [MarsIAm].
[MarsIAm LastName]

My thoughts

  • Is this some kooky kind of spam?
  • Assuming this is legit, I don’t think email is the best medium to express this particular subject matter.
  • No really, who announces a non-pregnancy over email?
  • Please keep your psychosis, mild or otherwise, to yourself.
  • Smily face? The subject is smily face?? I think an MPH Candidate can do better than that.
  • What is an MPH? How hard is it to get one? Because this person seems pretty dense.
  • At this point, thanks to gmail technology, I can now mouse over her name and see her picture. I assume she can do the same. Maybe this will illuminate the situation.
  • Maybe I should call her and explain to her via telephone that we do not know each other.
  • This person is clearly not ready to bring a child into the world. The good news is, she isn’t. I know. I got the email.
  • .


    1. Gyangbang

      An MPH is a Masters of Public Health. I’m not sure how hard they are to get in general, but UMich has a pretty solid program so you usually have to have your *ish together.. I guess only academically though.. this person sounds like a real piece of work…

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