eBay Is The Intersection Between Commerce And Religion

From: [Ebay seller from whom I recently purchased a green belt]
To: MarsIAm
THANKS for the eBay feedback!

Dear MarsIAm,

THANKS for your positive feedback on the green belt you BOUGHT from me!

We all love a BARGAIN and SPECIAL DEALS! So I wonder what you would think of me, if you found out one day I knew of Someone Who LOVES you and wants to GIVE you a FABULOUS FREE GIFT, that is out of this world…and I never passed on the GOOD NEWS to you?

Perhaps you are smiling, because you have received this LOVE gift and it is in SAFE STORAGE, where it cannot be lost or spoilt?

This most precious GIFT came from heaven, when God sent His Son to bring us PEACE with God and True Peace in our own hearts and minds.

God so loved us, that He gave this GIFT, because no one can possibly buy it. The price is too costly – a perfect life lived in the place of those like you and me who are far from perfect. Jesus took the rap for us with His death. By His death and blood, His resurrection from the dead, He truly sets us free from God’s judgment, and gives us the GIFT of Eternal Life, as God’s beloved children.

A GIFT only becomes ours when we accept it. Won’t you accept this FREE GIFT from God? Accepting Jesus as the one who paid the price for all the wrongs you have done and the good intentions you never got around to.

“Thanks be to God for His indescribable GIFT!”

If you have any questions please feel free to contact me.

The profit from my eBay sales is used to spread this GOOD NEWS of God’s LOVE GIFT, Jesus.

Let me know if spreading this GOOD NEWS is a priority with you as well, & I’ll send you a list of the Missions I support. You can choose whom you would like to designate your sale to go to.

Someone I just wanted to buy a green belt from

I can’t even think of a good tag for this one


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