Political Survey

This moring I participated in a survey about 13 minutes long. Here are some highlights:

  1. Stumbling over pronunciation of “Jessica’s Law”
  2. Taking forever to read items
  3. Items extraordinarly poorly worded
  4. Most likely a representative of Schwarzenegger, asked me questions such as “How satisfied are you with Governor Schwarzenegger’s program which has increased funding to schools of up to $XXXXXX?” As I don’t really see this as a cut and dry truth as much as a ‘version of a truth,’ how the fuck am I supposed to answer?
  5. Clearly reading line to line and pausing in
    strange places because she is unfamiliar
    the items
  6. “Would you say you are Catholic, Roman Catholic, Protestant, Jewish or… Antagonist or other?”
    MarsIAm: Can you repeat that last one?
    MarsIAm: No, the one before that.
    MarsIAm: Agnostic??



  1. Carolyn

    Wow, haha. He must be one of those agnostic dyslexics, who stays up all night pondering whether there really is a Dog.

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