Supply Closet

Top Ten Items Discovered

  1. Five key racks (I would estimate 200-300 key prongs total) with about 12 keys
  2. A giant box full of cardboard and steel parts, from SafCo, which assembled would be a wall-mount of several mailboxes
  3. Instructions Manual for Eudora Pro, copywright 1995
  4. Framed photo of dead Resident Fellow (while living)
  5. Financial records of person who previously held my position (including salary)
  6. Two large boxes full of dorm T-shirts with theme “Inigo Montoyon 2004-2005”
  7. Ancient air conditioner unit with freezer blocks missing
  8. Log of dorm expenditures from Academic Year 1993-1994
  9. Three small, dusty fans
  10. VHS and pamphlet entitled “Get Out and Stay Alive” – fire safety tips

  11. Tags: dusty, dirty, supply closet, pamphlets, crap.


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