Sorry, Wrong E-mail

From: Scott MXXX Mailed-By:
Cc: [MarsIAm]
Date: Mar 16, 2006 4:05 AM


i am finished…i will text, but do not have pancho with me…i am at an internet station righ tnow…we can meet anytime you are ready..otherwise, i will be at the hotel at 430

for better or worse, i cannot seem to lose eduardo…he is making me crazy, but has no one else to hang out with tonight…i wont be hurt if you want to just see me tomorrow…however, if i could please stay at your house tonight, that would be great…

let me knwo…at least we could get a coffee…if you want to hang around with us three, that would be great too…


Who is this guy?
Is pancho a person or is he talking about an article of clothing?
No, you can’t stay at my place!!


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