Whatcha Doin With That Shovel?

What we are burying in the yard

  1. Fish
    Septic tank is so sensitive these days
  2. Treasure
    If my stupid sons can’t agree on who will inherit my amythests, no one will!
  3. Self-doubt
    I’m good enough, I’m smart enough… anyone who tells me otherwise can stay down here with my log of failures, organized by scale and fiscal year
  4. Headgear
    So long, middle school misery
  5. Pumpkin seeds
    Next Halloween has already paid for itself
  6. Issac Brock
    Modest Mouse asked me to bury him with ‘it’… whatever ‘it’ is
  7. Visa bill
    Wells Fargo can’t expect me to pay up if I never received a notice
  8. Christmas tree
    I’m not lazy, I’m starting a compost heap
  9. Cowboy hat
    I’ve quit you
  10. Bones
    Hurry, Sheriff will be here in twenty minutes
    I can’t believe I wasted the TiVo space in the first place

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