Would You Rather

Would you rather… or would you rather

  • fly… read minds
  • sue someone who has wronged you… beat them up such that their hospital costs will equal their debt to you
  • bleed ketchup… cough up change
  • have sextuplets… adopt a non-signing gorilla and remain childless
  • receive 100 dollars from 100 grandmothers, but be required to write a personalized thank you card to each grandmother… receive one dollar from your own grandmother
  • shut your pinky in the car door… paper cut the corner of your mouth
  • allow a mental patient to give you a haircut… shave one of your arms
  • increase your height by 25% with a hat… increase your height by 25% with shoes
  • swim with dolphins… hang out with chimpanzees
  • lose an election and and your erection, subsequently resulting in a career of representing Viagra… prance around in your underwear on a busy street every day for five minutes
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