Dark Secrets

What are you hiding about your past?

  1. Childhood dream of becoming nationally recognized square dance caller
  2. Scar caused by scalding, wayward flung bagel while checking toaster progress
  3. Responsibility for broken hole punch in work room
  4. Ability to keep dozens of marachino cherries in mouth, recite ‘Hiawatha’ from memory
  5. Undergraduate degree is B.A. (not B.S. as resume indicates)
  6. Equal hatred of “Peter” and “the wolf”
  7. French Haiti-shaped birthmark
  8. Ebay returns on collection of Raffi paraphenalia pitiful, will not pay for early retirement
  9. Contracted Herpes simplex I, II, riding tractor in bathing suit
  10. “Technically” still “wanted” in Michigan
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