Answering Machine

What you are about to experience is bigger, longer, uncut real life answering machine messages.

Tuesday, 5:32 PM

Hi Corinne, this is George Xxxxx calling. Um, my wife Phyllis and I have a … um … time share at, um, David Wally’s in, um, Nevada, which is just at the foot of Heavenly Valley which I’ve told you about. And um, um, we have a, um… um, a reservation, uh, there, uh, on our time share for um, the, um, 17th to the 24th of January. Now, um, the… room, or rooms, are divided into two parts. They’re two separate apartments that can be closed off or can be shared, um, and both of them – one of them has large cooking facilities and so forth and a, a, a big, uh, jacuzzi tub and stuff like that and the other one has more moderate facilities but anyway, it’s two separate apartments that are joined –

Tuesday, 5:37 PM

Hi Corinne, uh, sorry I didn’t realize that your answering machine, uh, cut off so quickly. Uh, this is George Xxxxx calling. If you want to go skiing sometime between uh January 17th and 24th we have accomodations at David Wally’s and we would be delighted if you could join us. Please call me at XXX-XXXX or my cell phone at XXX-XXXX. Hope to hear from you at least by tomorrow.

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