The Webternet Language

Acronyms and Sayings vs. Less Common Acronyms and Sayings

  1. jk – just kidding vs.
    twaj – that was a joke
  2. lol – laughing out loud vs.
    msoomn – milk squirting out of my nose
  3. wtf – what the f*** vs.
    tlwimw – the lord works in mysterious ways
  4. brb – be right back vs.
    cotj – checking on the jello
  5. *hug* – I’m hugging you vs.
    *licking finger, wiping crust from cheek*
  6. toy – thinking of you vs.
    myhr – making your hair doll
  7. gtg – got to go vs.
    etp – evading the police
  8. omg – oh my god vs.
    hw – holy wahoozy
  9. ttyl – talk to you later vs.
    *waving bye-bye*
  10. asap – as soon as possible vs.
    soikya – soon or I kick your a**

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  1. GyangBang

    “Hell of”! I’ve never seen hella said so properly in my life! Wait a minute, are you a *true* californian?? B/c the rest of us (i.e. me) would like you to dumb it down 🙂

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