Who’s Winning…

In a head-to-head, no-holds-barred competition, who has the edge- me, or Cranky Boobs?

  1. MarsIAm: science RSS feeds
    Cranky Boobs: People.com
    edge: MarsIAm
  2. CB: Promoted twice in two years
    MIA: Promoted once in one year
    edge: tie
  3. MIA: able to communicate with cleaning people in Spanish (via telephone, post-it)
    CB: unable
    edge: MIA
  4. CB: Closer to window
    MIA: Closer to door
    edge: tie
  5. MIA: Extreme evolutionist
    CB: Extreme whiner
    edge: MIA
  6. CB: irrational fear of spiders
    MIA: irrational fear of scalp zits
    edge: unclear
  7. MIA: nail-biting vice
    CB: smoking vice
    edge: both quitting
  8. CB: half Chinese
    MIA: half Mexican
    edge: CB (no word for half-Mex)
  9. MIA: Awesome boyfriend
    CB: Old boyfriend
    edge: MIA
  10. CB: Has hives
    MIA: Has life
    edge: MIA
  11. You do the math


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