It’s Time Will Pass

Over the past few days, I have had a song stuck in my head – often just one or two lines of that song repeating til I’m ready to go insane. Here are the top candidates contributing to my commitment to an asylum:

  1. Neil Young – My My, Hey Hey
    It’s better to burn out than to fade away
  2. The Beatles – Get Back
    Sweet Loretta Martin thought she was a woman, but she was another man
  3. Army – Ben Folds Five
    Grew a mustache and a mullet, got a job at Chik-fil-a
  4. CCR – Proud Mary
    Got a good job in the city, working for the man every night and day
  5. Cabaret the Musical – Cabaret
    Start by admitting, from cradle to tomb, it isn’t that long a stay

What’s been stuck in your head?

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One comment

  1. Zubin

    Well on one hand, “Wordless Chorus” by My Morning Jacket (the part that is stuck in my head, is in fact wordless).

    Recently, also, to contend with his Neil Youngness’s words of (dis)inspiration (read: Kurt Cobain), “O’Malley, Former Underdog” by Deerhoof was stuck in my head (hell I was whistling it all ’round town). The lyric? “Everybody fades away, we got carried away”, which is sung in this hell of happy catchy little melody. (Too bad Deerhoof wasn’t around in ’94.)

    Boy, if only I could get Neil Young stuck in my head again! Hey hey, my my, rock and roll can never die!

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