Top Ten Patron Saints

Are there a ton of patron saints or what? Here’s a small sampling of some really cool individuals

  1. Hilary of Poitiers. Patronage: against snake bites; backwards children.
  2. Florian. Patronage: brewers; chimney sweeps; floods; soap-boilers.
  3. George. Patronage: against skin disease; soldiers; Canada.
  4. Julian the Hospitaller. Patronage: boatmen; carnival workers; knights.
  5. Bernadine of Siena. Patronage: public relations personnel; chest problems; compulsive gambling.
  6. Germaine Cousin. Patronage: unattractive people; bodily ills; peasant girls.
  7. Follian. Patronage: children’s nurses; dentists; Fosses, Belgium.
  8. Expeditus. Patronage: against procrastination; merchants; prompt solutions.
  9. Alban of Mainz. Patronage: against epilepsy; hernia; gravel.
  10. Martin de Porres. Patronage: hair stylists; inter-racial justice; public education; television
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