Walmart (my second Home) for the Holidays

What are we doing to get into the Holiday Spirit?
Christmas Story

  1. Building weighted dreidel for personal gain, raking in the gelt
  2. Listening to some Kenny G on the ol’ Ipod
  3. Penny-pinching, hosting 3 holiday spirits, asking children to purchase large fowlry
  4. Calling southern ex-roommate(back middle)
  5. Resizing heart for dramatic purposes
  6. Informing relatives of disappointments trespassed against me
  7. Refusing to buy matches from street urchins
  8. Wearing light-up antlers, decorating roof, shorting out circuits
  9. Being an eccentric one-eyed clockmaker/Building niece, nephew giant mechanical gifts at workshop
  10. Due to cultural misunderstanding, eating rapidly
  11. Selling watch/hair/irony

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  1. Carolyn

    Wow, Nia looks like she’s doing great! I’m glad you’re keeping in touch with her. Say hi for me!


    p.s. writing “Wow Nia” reminded me that every time I see POW/MIA written somewhere (Prisoner of War/ Missing in Action), I have the un-PC urge to shout, “Pow!! Mia!!” I’ve tried to suppress this reflexive reaction, but, as we all know, it’s hard to suppress reflexive reactions.

  2. Jon

    Die Hard! You forgot “Watching Die Hard!” That’s like my favorite Christmas movie! …hey, it has a lot of Christmas theme in it. “Now I have a machine gun – Ho Ho Ho” [written in blood on dead terrorist] Haha!

    I like number 6 on your list best. šŸ™‚

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