Stick It!

With the use of a headset, determination, and channeling my apparently endless stream of determination, I stick to my principles – don’t get screwed by the man because I’m too lazy to do anything about it. That’s what they’re counting on, and that’s how I let them down.

  1. I will wait on hold indefinitely to file a complaint
  2. I will search for a flight on Orbitz, then go to the website of the cheapest airline, and buy it from their website to save the convenience fee
  3. I will call my credit card at any given point in time and request a lower interest rate
  4. I will call my other credit card and tell them that my first credit card has a higher limit and ask them to raise theirs
  5. I will email the administrator of a website to inform them that their links are broken
  6. I will call my bank and demand a refund of $2 for what I have deemed an unfair and unnecessary charge
  7. I will leave extremely detailed messages with customer service to inform them that their service is garbage
  8. I will actually read the contract that they expect me to blindly sign
  9. I will ask to speak to the manager to get whatever it is that I want
  10. I will ask the sales representative rhetorical questions (‘does this make sense to you?’) until they cave to my will

Is this a valuable investment of time and energy? The victorious feeling of asserting my rights is fulfilling for me.

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