Would You Like Some Cheese…

Top 10 Things I Choose to Complain About, Which Really Aren’t Hurting Me And Will Do No Lasting Damage, But That I Find Mildly To Moderately Annoying And Therefore Will Advertise As Such

  1. My officemate plays Live105 all day long and it drives me CRAZY
  2. It can take my hair up to four hours to air dry.
  3. The closest two grocery stores to my work are fancy pants expensive ones with$9 deli sandwiches and organic free range corn fed cheese.
  4. The result of living with a dog? little bits of fluff from the insides of a stuffed animal in every crack, corner, and closet.
  5. Whenever I have a personal call and take it outside on my cell phone, at least one express train momentarily deafens myself and whomever I am talking to.
  6. Icebreakers Winterfresh Gum is chalky and loses what little flavor it does have far too quickly.
  7. Incompetent Secretaries.
  8. My cat has figured out how to turn on the radio to wake me up so I will play with her.
  9. My desk is oriented so that it faces away from the doorway, such that anyone who does not enter loudly ends up suprising the hell out of me.
  10. The NYT doesn’t let me read all their articles for free anymore.

One comment

  1. Peetie

    Icebreakers gum is also kind of crumbly and never achieves that rubbery, chewy texture.

    I was on a tour of some Japanese palace or something, and all the floor boards squeaked. The guide referred to them as “nightingale floors” and explained that the owner had them made that way, to prevent surprise ambushes. Maybe you should look into this. Or, more affordably, you could get a little “rearview” mirror for your desk, door curtains that rustle whenever someone enters, or one of those motion sensors that makes animal noises whenever someone walks past, although the annoyance may not be worth it.

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