Just Do It

Sorority girls do it with their sisters
Thom Yorke does it to himself
Photographers do it in the dark
Houdini does it underwater, in a straightjacket, in a locked coffin
Psychologists do it on the couch
The Beatles do it in The Road
Archaeologists do it in the dirt
Everything Finn has ever done, he did for Gwyneth Paltrow
Divers do it completely shaved
Britney Spears does televised
Proctologists do it…



  1. Anonymous

    This reminds me of a cheap jacket my dad bought in China several years ago. Among about 6 other labels, it featured a Nike swoosh with the phrase, “Always Start from Now.” These wise words have become my personal motto (“Just Do It” is so cliche).


  2. Jane

    Hi Mars, thanks for the health tip. The doctor told me the same thing. Fortunately, even when I’m healthy I’m too lazy to really exert a lot of energy when it comes to aerobics. (I wouldn’t make for a good Nike ad.)


  3. Peetie

    I really like “Always Start from Now.” It sounds like the optimistic and forgiving personal motto I have been searching for. “Just Do It” seems more like the mantra of angry parents and P.E. teachers.

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