Been Thinkin A Lot Today

I was thinking about how I don’t really know a lot about music. I know a little about a lot of different kinds of music, mostly thanks to Sherrie Fultz (best damn tap teacher ever) and Mark Applebaum (RSR).

However, much like certain SCJs and pornography, I know a great song when I hear it. I thought about all the songs that really inspire me, and then itunes shuffles to some other song that pales in every aspect, that can’t even be called anything but pop at best, that shouldn’t be in the same category of real music (let alone the same folder on my computer) and it makes me sad.
How long have I been wasting my life ears listening to this garbage?
Maybe what I love most about music is what my dad said he loved about Rent. It wasn’t the storyline so much1 as it was the fact that the people were so alive. They were singing, dancing, acting and performing with every part of their being and it was clear that this was their life, and they were loving it. Another winning point (perhaps irrelevant) was that they all did one big bow instead of the bows according to size of role – which not only shortens the curtain calls but also impresses upon the audience that each role was considered equally pivotal to the plot. Perhaps you could argue this contributed to their happiness.

How often do you see someone filled with the utter joy of expression? I can’t say that I even experience the sentiment too often myself. I can think of a few non-musical examples.

  • the guy on the 5:43 Caltrain announces every stop cheerfully. He’s so jolly, he is the Santa Claus of Santa Clara county, I kid you not.
  • the peet in her creative mode. She gets this cool, purposeful look of concentration on her face – whether she is artfully mixing the blueberry muffins or xacto-ing a razor straight edge, it made me wish I didn’t have two left thumbs… on my feet2<
  • I have been known to get a playful (impish even3) gleam in my eye when a lead and I pull off a particularly exciting and complicated swing move for the first time.

To cut to the chase, when I hear a musician just going crazy – out of breath, passionate, in the moment with their music – I love it. And so do they.

Take a look at yourself and make a Change

Til I loved you baby baby
oh baby

God please spare me more rejection

This episode was brought to us by Humor Lite – only 1 calorie

1. Bear in mind that my father was raised Catholic, and subsequently a little short on empathy for singing and dancing transvestites dying of AIDS.
2. Not really.
3. My at times quite mean high school boyfriend told me that I looked like an elf – I’ll choose to believe it was one of his good moments.

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