I Like It Like That

I Like My (Wo)Men Like I Like My Coffee

  1. Black -young girl from Airplane
  2. Hot and strong, with a spoon in them. -Eddie Izzard
  3. Rich -Golddigger
  4. Ground to a ‘5’ -Yuppie Feminazi
  5. In the morning. -Abs 3727
  6. Sweet -Boring
  7. Fragrant -Weirdo
  8. Columbian -South American fetishist
  9. Never -Celibate Mormon
  10. Anally -SAE


  1. Kel The Younger

    11. Flavored – Another fetish
    12. From Starbucks – Sketchy grad student
    13. From the CoHo – Sketchy undergrad
    14. As a study break – Typical undergrad in typical relationship
    15. With [insert name of favorite/most despised RF] – [Insert name of favorite/most despised RA]

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