Zack Braff’s Advice

From Mr. Garden Scrubs himself:

“Many of you have been asking me individual questions regarding your own lives. I can’t possible reply to them all, so I just picked a sampling, and posted replies. You’ll know who you are…

  • To Sarah: Seltzer should get that out.
  • To Amelia: Oh no he didn’t!
  • To Gary: Try ointment.
  • To Bruce: Be careful, sometimes they nibble and it tickles, but I’ve seen them bite.
  • To Karen: They like partial sun and lot’s of water
  • To Cecilia: As far as I know, there’s no noogett in Skittles.
  • To Lester: Uncuff him and call the police.
  • To Tammy: If you wanna know where he’s been grazing, just smell his hooves.
  • To Jermaine: Jermaine, just be the bigger man and apologize to Tito.

Wise, wise man.


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