Martian Housewives

Dear Mars,
Although I have no immediate career goals or romantic prospects, it is my life’s dream to be a housewife. But in our modern society, I fear others will look down on me for it. Can you tell me my goal is a viable one?
Desperate to be a Housewife in Springfield, Kentucky

Dear DH,
Your troubles are not uncommon. In a changing economy, a dual income household is more and more becoming the standard; many women feel pressured to secure a career in addition to household responsibilities. However, as you do not have a family (yet!) it is time to do some soul searching.

You have a unique opportunity to discover what’s really exciting to you. Regardless of how rewarding family life is, you will need personal time for yourself. Consider volunteering at the library, or taking an art class. Keeping up with your own interests while building a home is essential to maintaining an identity. A sense of self will give you a much needed dose of sanity when things get crazy! Plus, let us not forget transitive theory from ninth grade geometry

1. Know thy enemy
2. You are your own worst enemy
3. Know thyself

Enough said – now dive in, and know yourself better!

Mars is available to advise you on your hopes, dreams, careers, fashion and optical inquiries. Comment to this column with a request, or write to em oh dee ee ee em ay see eye ay ess at


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  1. The Good Reverend

    The missus and I are reading a book called Unbending Gender about women, family, and the workforce. Basically the idea is this: it’s perfectly reasonable for a woman to choose to work outside the home, and it’s perfectly reasonable for her to choose to be a housewife, but what’s unfair is that our society forces her into that choice. Either give up whatever career goals you have, or your kids don’t get raised properly. Men in married couples rarely face such a choice. We need a society that allows both men and women to work with flexible schedules and leave so that no one gets punished for having kids and has to face such a choice.

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