The Grades Are In…

and I’ve posted them by the light switch:

Good Reverend: 95%
The Peet: 83%
Red Shoe: 72%
Kel Younger: 72%
Bang: 0… this 0 will stay a 0 until you make this up!!!

I cannot release the key, as Bang has yet to complete the quiz.

There is extra credit to those of you who are interested in upping your score. For a 5-10% boost to your quiz…




  1. Mars

    She is a siamese cross, grey legs and cream body, blue eyes, one pound, and so cute!

    PS She’s looking like a Sydney… a la Sydney Ellen Wade from Virginia… but middle name is up for grabs, as is her stage name.

  2. Kel The Younger

    LOL…I don’t know what’s probably cuter – the kitten or you fawning over her! 🙂

    I think amidst studying for finals, my creative juices have died. I will e you though if anything comes to mind. Looking forward to meeting this “Sydney” soon. 🙂

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