La La Where Are You Going?

  1. To hide away like an ocean you can’t see… get out, you don’t belong here!
  2. Where everybody knows my name.
  3. Getting my kicks with the cats and chicks at the hop.
  4. Cotton Eye Joe: where I did come from
  5. In an octapus’ garden, in the shade.
  6. St. Louis, Louis, Meet me at the fair.
  7. In the pines, in the pines
  8. By the flowers in my hair, it should be obvious.
  9. The Kentucky State fair, duh.
  10. I go where I feel like, Gosh.

One comment

  1. The Good Reverend

    Nice. Totally reminds me of this.
    * to do:
    o crack that whip
    o give the past a slip
    o try to detect it
    + not too late

    * conditions under which you will break your momma’s back:
    o stepping on a crack

    * conditions under which you must whip it:
    o when a problem comes along
    o before the cream sits out too long
    o when something’s going wrong
    o when a good time turns around

    * directions in which to go:
    o straight
    o forward
    o ahead

    * if one does not whip it:
    o won’t ever live it down
    o won’t get their way

    * ways in which to whip it:
    o (up) into shape
    o good

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