Tell The Terrace I Said Thanks

I borrowed a book from The Peet recently, which she borrowed from said location, a book which title I choose to keep confidential as I am slightly embarassed to have read. However, I would like to quote the author, MB. One character is a cartoon artist. His standards of art: something beautiful and sad and funny and true.This post doesn’t really include any of these ideas.I’m meditating on that.



  1. Peetie

    I’m a little embarrassed of having read that book as well. At least it was free, and no, you don’t have to return it to me… Max the dog should also thank the terrace. I hope that book was tasty.

  2. Anonymous

    I assume MB are the initials of the author?
    MB…MB…Marlon Brando? Milton-Bradley?
    You guys are killing me. I remember there being books in The Terrace, and I know they included the memoirs of Kathy Lee Gifford, so if the MB didn’t refer to the author, that would be my guess.
    Please tell me–I’m dying here.


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