A Stereotypical Blog

Hello to all my [inside joke reference]Last night I went to [person you don’t know]’s and hung out with some cool peeps! Then I came back and ate some [long detailed food description] and it was soooooo yummy. I did some [boring task] and went to bed.I have been wondering about [pseudonym for romantic interest]. Should I forgive him? Or should I answer his message? Still wondering.Did you see the preview with [hot actor]? I can’t wait til it comes out on DVD and I can freeze it on the bathtub scene!!! Rarrrr.For all those readers out there, I changed the format of this blog [something hideous and difficult to read, like yellow on green]. Whaddaya think? (animated smiley)I’ve decided to quit [bad thing] and start focusing more on [new thing, sounds weird]. I have realized that I need to stay in touch with my dream of [saving world/making money/becoming famous] and start doing [time absorbing goal one won’t stick to].Ooooookay, time for me to go sleeeeepy! Night y’all!



  1. GyangBang

    LOL! I think that is SOOO right on! You should sell it as a template to blogspot. So when people are truly being lazy they can just make the insertions and go to bed earlier.

    I try to keep my blog from sounding like my daily chores, b/c really WHO gives a shit? I don’t even care sometimes.

    Thats why I just talk about my dating life, and other random stupidities people can relate to and even then, I’m sure the kids in Somalia with no computers REALLY dont give a shit.

    P.S. Starving kids in Somalia has become so pase.. for all I know they’re not starving anymore.. Maybe I should pick up an actual newspaper one of these days and see what happening on that continent.. my homeland of all places..

    and the rambling ends here 🙂

  2. Anonymous

    No, don’t give up on [bad thing]! And I love the new [yellow or green]!

    OMG ROFL WTF!!!!!!

    Your BFF, Commenter

  3. Kel The Younger

    LOL too…good one Mars! I agree with you and Else. The sad part is that some people don’t say anything interesting because they can’t – they don’t have a shred of creative fiber in them, and they never will. What’s worse, they think people *do* give a shit about their petty mundane activities. They are the accomplished multi-degreed straight-A idiots we’ve all come to know and love.

    [Long winded reference tying Marisa’s post to sexual fantasies with Asian women]

    Sorry…couldn’t help myself! 😉

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